• Hedge Trimming

  • Trimming the hedges in Pensacola can create a nice frame for your landscaping, while at the same time forming a natural fence. While trimming the hedges can vastly improve the overall appearance of the yard, if done incorrectly can actually do more harm than good. You may need your hedges trimmed for a variety of reasons. They may be blocking a window or sidewalk or they may have grown out. If you are trimming your hedges because parts of the hedge is dead or diseased, you should trim them as soon as possible. If you wait too long, other parts of the hedge may be affected. If you are trimming your hedges for reasons not listed above, the best time to trim would depend on the plant.

    If you are not sure about the best time to trim your hedges, you should consult Manicured Lawns and Garden as they should be able to help you. There are many hedge types that are easily accessible and so trimming them should be a breeze. However, others will require a professional service such as ours. If you have questions about your hedges and trimming recommendations, give is a call at (850) 501-1083 or use our quote form for a price.