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  • Quality Lawn Mowing in Pensacola and the Local Area

    We pride ourselves in providing quality lawn care services to our Pensacola customers. Many people procrastinate mowing their  lawn because they simply do not enjoy the chore.  Consequently,  their grass grows too high.  When your grass grows too high, not only will this result in your mower stalling, but will cause unnecessary stress on your lawn mower.  And think about this:  if you want to have a professional looking lawn, you will have to invest in a lawn mover, a weed eater and an edger at the very minimum. A blower would be nice too.  AND, this does not include all the maintenance involved for your lawn equipment.  Wouldn’t you rather have one business to take care of all your lawn care needs without the hassle of buying and maintaining your own equipment? At Manicured Lawns and Garden, we love what we do. We love the challenge of turning an ugly yard into a yard that becomes the envy of the neighborhood. We look at mowing your lawn as attaining a perfect balance of art and science. Perfection – that is what we are all about.

    A Customized Approach to Lawn Care Service in Pensacola

    No two yards are the same. This is why a customized approach must be applied to each and very lawn we maintain. As with any area of the world, Pensacola is comprised of lawns that have many different grass varieties which must be treated differently. Many yards are free of weeds, but not all are. Destroying weeds and preventing them from coming back is a  job in itself!

    Grass Should Always be Cut to it’s Correct Length

    Your grass should be mowed to the correct length. Many people are of the impression that their grass should be cut short. When your grass is cut too short, the consequences can be bald spots AND short grass can actually promote weed growth! When your grass is cut to the proper length, it fosters better root growth which will require less watering. This will not only help save you money, but will be beneficial to the environment.

    We Employ Nothing But Qualified and Customer Oriented Grass Technicians

    At Manicured Lawns and Garden, our lawn techs are highly qualified and independent professionals who have extensive expertise in lawn care service. They know grass, and will deliver perfection every time. They will also trim your bushes, edge your sidewalk and will always be on the look out for harmful weeds and any other growth that will do harm to your grass.

    If you want your lawn to be the pride of your neighborhood, call us at (850) 501-1083  or use our quote form if you need a price..