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    Items That We Can Clean With a Pressure Washer

    Some of the more common uses of a pressure washer are to remove dirt and stains from the side of your home, sidewalk and driveway. The fact is there are far more uses for a pressure washer.

    1. Your Automobile – a pressure washer can be very effective removing dirt from your car or truck, especially the wheel wells and other areas underneath your car or truck. However, with automobiles, you will want to make sure you leave it on a lower-powered setting, to make sure you are not removing paint or clear coat.

    2. Boats – Pressure washing is very useful for boats as it can literally save you hours of labor, removing dirt and algae within minutes. As with vehicles, you should set the pressure to a lower setting.

    3. Outdoor furniture – we purchased a beach house in west palm beach several years ago and the previous owner left behind some outdoor patio furniture. It looked completely weathered and dingy. I believed it was doomed for the trash pile. We decided to try to clean up a little, to see if we could salvage it. We did some light pressure washing and paint touch up. The result was unbelievable. It came out almost looking brand new. We Googled the manufacturer item number and found that it originally sells for $1500.00! Needless to say, we kept the furniture and still own it to this day.

    4. Decks and patios – decks and patios can absorb a great deal of abuse from mother nature, accumulating dirt and debris. Getting it back to its original job might seem like a lot of work, but you can have it looking that way in 15 minutes.

    5. Fencing – all types of fences, wood, vinyl and aluminum can be restored with a good pressure washing.

    6. Floor – tough stains and dirt can be eliminated quickly with a pressure washer.

    7. Grills – accumulated grease and grime can be very difficult to clean. A pressure washer can save you hours for this task.

    8. Lawn mower and lawn equipment – not only will a pressure washer quickly remove caked dirt and grass, it will extend the life of your mower.