• Lets face it, your home is an important investment. When it collects dirt, mold and mildew, it will not only create an eyesore, it can actually bring down the value of your home if unattended to over an extended period of time. At Manicured Lawns and Garden, we are considered the go to company in Pensacola when it comes to home exterior cleaning. With our expertise and knowledge of home exterior cleaning, we can always be counted on to do a high quality and thorough job.

    There are many pressure washer companies out there that utilize the "clean by force" method. To the lay person, this may logically sound like the way to go. However, with our experience over the years, we have discovered that the less invasive "soft wash" method produces a more effective cleaning job and it does not damage the exterior of your home or landscaping during the cleaning process. This process has proven to be safe for virtually any type of material on your home or other structures.

    We are proud to call ourselves perfectionists. When you choose Manicured Lawns Garden to clean your home exterior, your home will exhibit curb appeal after the job is complete. We never consider the job done until meets are high standards.

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