• The removal of trees and shrubs will become a necessity when they become obliterated by high winds or storms, when they grow too large for their existing space, or they simply become problematic maintaining them.  We are staffed and equipped to handle any size shrub or tree.  We are accustomed to doing small and large jobs.  Our tree technicians are highly trained and have the proper equipment to fell trees and doing so in a safe manner so that no property damage occurs.  After we have removed a tree, we can grind the stump or have it pulled out. Or we can leave it as it is. 

     If you have a diseased bush, it should be removed as soon as possible to prevent spreading to other plants. Removing a bush is usually a much simpler process than removing a tree since there usually is no heavy machinery required.  If mechanical removal is required, it is easier to remove when the ground is wet and the shrub is small. It is possible that chemical treatment may have to be used if the bush has an extensive root system or happens to be of a species that can re-sprout.